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26 diciembre, 2011

Commentary of a population Graph

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This unit, we have learned how to comment the information of a Graph in English. This is the graph selected for the exam. The aim of the exercise was to collect and comment the information the graph depicted, and be able to produce an hypothesis or explanation of the process the graph showed.



This is the graph selected. It is a lineal graph and the source of the information is the United Nations’ Population Division. The graph shows the projection in the next future (from 1995 to 2030) of the population in the Black Sea Region. It is a forecast of the demographic evolution in six countries located near the Black Sea.

According to the predictions in the graph, Turkey is going to grow fast, and its population is going to rise around 50% in 2030 from its numbers in 1995. On the other side, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Russia are going to lose population. Bulgaria, for example, is expected to decrease 20% in 2030. Surprisingly, these countries are not growing, but decreasing in population. Georgia is expected to maintain the same population in 2030 than in 2030.

Which could be the reasons of this differences between Turkey and the other countries of the area?

Basically, the birth rates are supposed to be very different in Turkey and the other countries. Bulgaria, Romania and Russia have some of the lowest birth rates in the world, whereas Turkey has a medium-high birth rate.

Besides, emigration is very common in  these countries. A great number of young people that doesn’t found a job in their country go abroad. For example, thousands of romanians have moved to Spain in the last ten years. When a country lose  thousands of young inhabitants because of the emigration, its birth rates are expected to decrease. That is one of the things that is happening in Bulgaria or Russia.

As a consecuence, we can say that in the next years, Turkey is going to become a very important country in the area, whereas Bulgaria or Romania won’t be so influential.


1. Which countries are expected to decrease in population?

2. Is emigration a possible cause of the decreasing in population? Why?

3. Why is Turkey growing in population?



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